Die Karl Meyer Gruppe. Das Morgen denken.

MS Seeland

Das Foto zeigt das Schiff "MS Seeland" in einem Hafen.
Port of registery: Stade
IMO-Number: 92 28 930
Call-Sign: D F T Z
GT/NT:2224/1267 tons
Type:General Cargo
P & I Club:NNPC
Built:2001, Barkmeijer Stoobos BV
Dimensions:87,99x12,50x4,64 mtr
Deadweight:3132 mt
dwcc:2950-3000 / 2850-2900 s/w
Container:below Deck 114/on Deck 40
Air draft/Draft ballast:         21,50 mtr/3,00 mtr
Cubic grain/bale:166078 cbf/166765 cbf
Number of holds:1 (one), 2 bulkheads (6 positions)
Hold dimensions:61,80x10,20x7,43 mts
Load on tanktop:15 to/m2
Type of covers:Ponton
Load on:1,5 to/m2
Class Hull:BV - General Cargo Ship - heavy cargo,
Unrestricted navigation
Machinery:AUT-UMS, Strengthbottom
Phone:0049-171/73 59 120
Owners:Karl Meyer Shipping International GmbH & Co. KG
Stader Str. 55-63, 21737 Wischhafen
VAT No. DE 258437056
Manager:Wilhelm E.F. Schmid, Husum